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One thought on “Film Review – Adults in the Room

  1. I stayed for the Q&A and the question of whether the director supported Varoufakis’ strategy was responded to in as much as Gavras said he portrayed YV as a witness – as YV portrays himself in his book, which kind of buys into the sort of passivity you are suggesting.
    I do think though the film does a good job of showing how ruthless the Troika were even when a government were prepared to play by their rules. The war of aggression via finance was well-portrayed I thought. But the big question for me, one I’d pose to YV, why did only Tspiras go to Brussels in the end? Why didn’t YV, on the back of the Oxi vote, go for the nuclear option of leaving the Euro and starting another currency. My fellow viewer had a strategy of running a parallel currency. There was a groundswell of support. A wish for change. Seemed they sidestepped it. I think Grexit was a word at the time. I think it predated and gave rise to the word Brexit.
    And there was another incidence of ordinary people. The cleaners camped on the street who wanted to be reinstated.
    I think it’s a good film to see for people who are starry eyed about the EU.


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