Going Live

Welcome to the CinePhil Berliner Film Blog

Its just gone midnight on 15th November 2019, and we’re just about to go live. Welcome to the CinePhil Berliner Film Blog. You can read more at https://cinephil.home.blog/blog/about-this-blog/, but the main point is the reviews. Enjoy. or wildly disagree. I hope that at least there’s something here to discuss further.

Be a Moviemento Hero

This Blog is a great friend of the Moviemento cinema in Kreuzkölln, Berlin

Moviemento is the oldest cinema in Germany, and an independently-run cinema, and home to many film festivals and special cinema events of all kinds. Moviemento’s existence is critically threatened as the rooms housing the cinema are up for sale on the real estate market. We want to withdraw the cinema from the market, to purchase the space, and to secure the long-term survival of this unique space. Please show us your support with a donation. You can help us save Moviemento! More information here.

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