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Name the 22 films featuring the acting of Madonna and the 23 directors who made them

A Certain Sacrifice (1979) Stephen Jon Lewicki
Vision Quest (1985) Harold Becker
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) Susan Seidelman
Shanghai Surprize (1986) Jim Goddard
Who’s that Girl (1987) James Foley
Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989) Howard Brookner
Dick Tracy (1990) Warren Beatty
Madonna: Truth or Dare / In Bed with Madonna (1991) Alek Keshishian
Shadows and Fog (1991) Woody Allen
A League of their Own (1992) Penny Marshall
Body of Evidence (1993) Uli Edel
Dangerous Game / Snake Eyes (1993) Abel Ferrara
Blue in the Face (1995) Paul Auster and Wayne Wang
Four Rooms (1995) Allison Anders
Girl 6 (1996) Spike Lee
Evita (1996) Alan Parker
The Next Best Thing (2000) John Schlesinger
Swept Away (2002) Guy Ritchie
Die Another Day (2002) Lee Tamahori
I’m going to tell you a secret (2005) Jonas Akerlund
Arthur and the Invisibles (voice, 2006) Luc Besson
I Am because We Are (2008) Nathan Rissman
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