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Name the 9 Best Film Oscar nominees written or directed by one of the Hollywood Ten Extra point for writer/director

1935 Imitation of Life – co-written by Samuel Ornitz (uncredited)
1937 A Star is Born – co-written by Ring Lardner Jr (uncredited)
1940 Kitty Foyle – screenplay by Dalton Trumbo
1945 Mildred Pierce – co-written by Alfred Maltz (uncredited)
1947 Crossfire – directed by Edward Dmytryk
1954 The Robe – co-written by Alfred Maltz (uncredited)
1954 Roman Holiday – written by Dalton Trumbo (uncredited)
1955 The Caine Mutiny – directed by Edward Dmytryk
1971 M*A*S*H – screenplay by Ring Lardner Jr
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