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Which 10 married couples have both won acting or directing Oscars? Bonus points for naming the film(s) for which they won the Oscar

Joel Coen  Best Director: No Country for Old Men (2008)

& Frances McDormand  Best Actress: Fargo (1997), Three Billboards Outside Epping Missouri (2018)

Laurence Olivier  Best Actor: Hamlet (1949)

& Vivien Leigh  Best Actress: Gone With the Wind (1940), A Streetcar Named Desire (1952)

James Cameron  Best Director: Titanic (1998)

& Kathryn Bigelow  Best Director: The Hurt Locker (2010)

Joanne Woodward  Best Actress: The Three Faces of Eve (1958)

& Paul Newman  Best Actor: The Color of Money (1987)

Tony Richardson  Best Director: Tom Jones (1964)

& Vanessa Redgrave  Best Supporting Actress: Julia (1978)

Brad Pitt  Best Supporting Actor: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2020)

& Angelina Jolie  Best Supporting Actress: Girl, Interrupted (2000)

Michael Douglas  Best Actor: Wall Street (1988)

& Catherine Zeta Jones  Best Supporting Actress: Chicago (2003)

Sam Mendes  Best Director: American Beauty (2000)

& Kate Winslet  Best Actress: The Reader (2009)

Javier Bardem  Best Supporting Actor: No Country for Old Men (2008)

& Penelope Cruz  Best Supporting Actor: Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2009)

Nicolas Cage  Best Actor: Leaving Las Vegas (1996)

& Patricia Arquette  Best Supporting Actress: Boyhood (2015)

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