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Which are the only 11 sports films to have won a best picture, Actor or Director Oscar? Extra points for the sport and the 16 winners

  • 1931 The Champ, Wallace Beery (Best Male Actor) Boxing
  • 1946 National Velvet Anne Revere (Best Supporting Female Actor) Horse Racing
  • 1976 Rocky Best Picture, John G Avlidsen (Best Director) Boxing
  • 1980 Racing Bull Robert de Niro (best actor) Boxing
  • 1981 Chariots of Fire Best Picture Athletics
  • 1986 The Color of Money Paul Newman (Best Actor) pool
  • 1996 Jerry Maguire Cuba Gooding Junior (Best Supporting Male Actor) American Football
  • 2004 Million Dollar Baby Best picture, Best director (Clint Eastwood), Best Female Actor (Hillary Swank), best male supporting actor (Morgan Freeman) boxing
  • 2009 The Blindside Sandra Bullock (best female actor) American Football
  • 2010 The Fighter Christian Bale (best supporting male actor), Melissa Leo (best supporting female actor) boxing
  • 2018 I, Tonya Allison Janney (best supporting female actor) ice skating
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