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Wikipedia lists 165 Christmas films. Which 26 features were Oscar nominated? Bonus points for the Oscars

1946 The Bells of St. Mary’s – won sound, nominated for picture, actor, actress, director, film editing, song, music
1947 It’s a wonderful life – nominated for film, actor, director, sound recording, film editing
1948 It Happened on 5th Avenue – nominated for original story
1948 Miracle on 34th Street – won supporting actor, original story, screenplay, nominated for film
1948 The Bishop’s Wife – won sound, nominated for film, director, film editing, music
1955 Susan Slept Here – nominated for sound, song
1955 White Christmas – nominated for song
1962 Babes in Toyland – nominated for costume design, music
1962 Pocketful of Miracles – nominated for supporting actor, costume design, original song
1963 Period of Adjustment – nominated for art direction
1969 The Lion in Winter – won actress, adapted screenplay, music, nominated for picture, actor, director, costume design
1970/1 My Night at Maud’s – nominated for foreign language film (1970), writing (1971)
1971 Scrooge – nominated for art direction, costume design, song, music
1983 Trading Places – nominated for music
1988 Lethal Weapon – nominated for sound
1989 Scrooged – nominated for makeup
1989 Die Hard – nominated for sound, film editing, sound effects, visual effects
1991 Home Alone – nominated for song, music
1993 Batman Returns – nominated for effects, makeup
1994 The Nightmare Before Christmas – nominated for effects
1997 The Preacher’s Wife – nominated for music
2001 How the Grinch Stole Christmas – won makeup, nominated for costume design, art direction
2005 The Polar Express – nominated for song, sound mixing, sound editing
2006 Joyeux Noël – nominated for foreign language film
2009 In Bruges – nominated for screenplay
2016 Carol – nominated for actress, supporting actress, adapted screenplay, cinematography, costume design, music
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