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About this Blog

This blog started as an exercise on my facebook page.
For a couple of years, I wrote a monthly film preview and other articles on culture for the (German) marx21 Website and magazine. Then I got a proper job, and it wasn’t possible to regularly go to press showings any more.
But it did mean I could afford a ticket which allows free entry to all cinemas in the independent Yorck chain. So, I was seeing more films than ever before, but had nowhere to review them.
So, as an exercise to see whether I could still do it, I started posting reviews. Starting 1 January 2019, I decided to review every film I saw. The original rules were that I had to write the review on the train home from the cinema, which is why the early reviews are pretty short. As time went on, I relaxed the rules and the reviews got longer.
It was only supposed to last for one year, but people started actually reading the reviews, and I wanted somewhere more permanent to store them. So, here we are. Welcome.

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