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Pet Sematary

About as random a choice as you can get. I was wandering past thè cinema and decided to go and see whatever was playing. So, I was unprepared and, not having read the book or seen the original film, had no idea what to expect.

It was perfectly fine.

There’s this thing that irritates me about horror films, which is they often stray into the supernatural. This means that all jeopardy is lost as pretty much anything is possible. Now admittedly, this one had a bit about old native American burial grounds to get the plot going, but by and large most terror was the result of the recollection of traumatic experiences that the characters had experienced in real life.

Ok, this was a white middle class nuclear family, so these were more individual than systematic traumas, but it was set in the Maine countryside so we shouldn’t expect to witness the tribulation of ghetto life.

What the heck. It was well paced and we’ll acted, particularly john Lithgow as the elderly neighbour and the evil daughter who the parents obviously preferred to her boring younger brother.

It was never going to be my film of the year, but it was a decently made film and i wasn’t expecting any better than that

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