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Fahrenheit 11/9

I must admit I went to this one with a great deal of trepidation. I’ve been thinking for a while that Michael Moore has been losing some of his edge, partly because what was groundbreaking 30 years ago is a bit old hat now, partly down to his apparent unwillingness to accept that Hillary Clinton could bear any responsibility for trump’s victory

Well the Michael Moore of tv nation and Roger and me is back, and he’s pulling no punches. He doesn’t say too much about Hillary but he lays into the democrat establishment, and boy is he pissed off with Obama. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders and AOC get to explain how it could have been, and how it could be in the future

This is interspersed with frontline reports from real campaigns against real atrocities – the michigan government willfully poisoning the Flint water supply for the sake of profit, school students rising up against high school shootings, teachers striking against the wish of their union full timers, and and and…

Of course there are small points where you could offer criticism. Can the Democrat party really be reformed? Are social media really so strong as some people think? Does every Michael Moore film really need to contain so much footage of people talking about Michael Moore?

But one of the strengths of the film is that it opens up these debates rather tham shutting them down (well, a bit less on the last point)

I went into the film expecting a film that would be largely ok and something you could talk about a bit afterwards. I really didn’t expect anything half as good as what I saw

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