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Beale Street/ If Beale Street could talk

Was slightly surprized to see Lisa Hallgarten give it a bit of a kicking at a time when “Everyone” was saying it was the best film ever. Then again, when Everyone started talking about the Oscars they seemed to have forgotten that they’d said that

I think I benefitted from not having read any James Baldwin in way too long as its almost certainly not as good as the book and I’d have been disappointed by the comparison. Also it took a long time ro get going

At the same time, I did find that there was a significant number of very dramatic individual scenes, not least the understated encounter with the racist cop in the grocery store. But there wasn’t really enough holding the good individual scenes together

On the whole I’d still say it was worth a see (though it seems most people have seen it already), but even better if you get hold a copy of the book

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