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March 2022

This page contains links to films reviewed in March 2022.
Click on the film poster to view the review.

The Alpinist / Der Alpinist
Debout Les Femmes! / Those who Care
Near Dark
The Great Dictator / Der Große Diktator
The Card Counter
The Godfather / Der Pate
The Godfather Part II / Der Pate Teil II
Was tun
Der Schneeleopard / The Velvet Queen
Mamma Roma
I am the Tigress
Blue Bayou
The Case You
Petite Maman
Drei Etagen / Three Floors
Resident Evil
The Batman
Ahed Knie / Ahed’s Knee
This Rain Will Never Stop
Start Wearing Purple
C’Mon, C’Mon
Abteil Nummer 6 / Compartment Number 6
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