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vom lokfuehrer, der die liebe sucht… / the bra

I ended up at this one pretty much by default, and despite the English title. It was the only film that was on at the right time, that I hadn’t seen already, and that wasn’t That Pentagon-sponsored franchise.

So what is it? Its a German-Azerbijani film that’s almost entirely silent (there’s a little bit of singing) about an engine driver who Prince charming-like tries to find the woman who matches the bra that ended up in his engine.

Its not as pervy as it sounds but twice as strange, having a similar feel to the early Jeunet and Caro films (Delicatessen, City of Lost Children) that you can imagine people getting very angry with indeed, if they don’t accept the strange logic and go with the flow.

I did enjoy it, though I’m not so sure that it would make a very good date movie.

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