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I missed this when it came out a couple of years ago, but i remember the reviews were intriguing. It’s a feminist horror comedy about vagina dentata, which apparently is a thing – not in real life but in all sorts of ancient myths which were written by men who were scared of women while not liking them very much.

Dawn is an active member of a chastity group, which is probably just as well, as down there by what her prudish teachers call “women’s private parts” she has a pair of teeth. As the appropriate pages of her school textbooks have been blacked out she has no way of knowing that that’s not normal.

The result is that if she ends up having sex – and we just know she’ll end up having sex – she ends up Bobbiting her partner. This only seems to happen when the partner gets a bit rapey, but this seems to be the default setting of most of the teenage boys she knows.

You could see this as an allegory of how women adapt to a sexist society – in one telling scene, a black female teacher has difficulties explaining to her white evangelical class about evolution. On the other hand, you can see it as a bawdy comedy about entitled men losing their penises and other appendages.

This is a B movie which has no pretensions of being anything else. But I’ve always got time for a well made B movie, especially if it rolls in at half the running time of That Franchise Film

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