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The Favourite

Now, this is what family entertainment should be all about – ridiculous, irreverend, and full of blood, shit and puke (particularly puke)

A film who’s sense of its own silliness is such that it has Elton playing harpsichord and singing Skyline Pigeon over the end credits

Someone should sit the makers of Mary, Queen of Scots in front of this and tell them *this* is how you do a period drama while showing the monarchy in all its venal capriciousness.

Time for another visit soon I think

(did I mention, its very very funny, but I have no idea why its the most viewed film in Britain at the moment. Maybe things aren’t as bad as some people think)

Second viewing

Funny seeing it again as i must confess that first time round i got a little confused by who all these different men in wigs were (forgive me, i am of little brain and less attentiveness). It didn’t really matter as i just let the film wash over me with its general craziness

This time i saw that it wasn’t just beautifully shot, very funny and just the right level of ridiculous. Its also very well structured. And mercilessly pokes fun at all the pompous male politicians

Really sorry that you couldn’t get into it Melanie Byers. For me it was at least as good second rime round

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